This Simple Statistics Tool Exploded My Forex Account
By 13,420 Pips In Less Than 6 Months

It's so crazy simple that any beginner Forex trader can master it within minutes...

Look at the proof shots from MYFXBOOK

PLEASE NOTE: The trading software provided has additional tools not shown in this image to assist you with entering trades. This includes an alarm to notify you of any trade opportunities with screen pointer to show you, a notification of what price to set your stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop, and lastly a few additional simple to use confirmation tools to verify the validity of the trade.

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That is $240,000 per year profit in the bank.

Before we continue, let me introduce myself, my name is Doug Price. I've been a Forex trader and money manager for almost 10 years.

Up until about a year ago I have been quiet and behind the scenes trading for myself and clients.

But one day that all changed when I decided that I needed to make a difference and help deliver real Forex systems that work.

After seeing all the garbage out there, I've made it my mission to make my Forex systems available to you, so you no longer need to depend on the fake vendors who make false promises and never deliver.

Beating The Forex Markets
Shouldn't Be Complicated

Forex is exciting and an easy place to make money when you learn to play the game the right way.

There's a reason 95% of traders lose money, because most are controlled by emotions, over risk, and over leverage themselves.

When you stick to the rules of a system and use safe and realistic risks your chances beating the 95% traders skyrockets.

Let me show you.

How To Average Over 2,000 Pips Almost Every Single Month

It's possible to achieve over 2,000 pips per month. But in order to do this you must do things different than you've ever done before.

  • You are going to need to do some manual trading
  • You will need to trade more pairs, many more pairs
  • Your target for each trade needs to be more than a few pips
  • You need a system that is capable of achieving all 3 previous points

Why trading manually is superior to automated trading...

Automated trading has its place in this world, I personally love trading robots, but there are many situations where manual trading is superior to automation.

When trading manually you have the power to identify trades that a robot can't always detect, you are also more dynamic and able to say maybe today is not a good day to trade.

Or you can even identify strong trade opportunities that a robot may not have realized is a strong entry point because of a simple discrepancy that really wasn't a big deal.

With manual trading you can see the bigger picture that a robot might not be able to see and accumulate many more pips, which means a lot more money in your pocket.

When you trade more pairs...

You open yourself up for more trade opportunities.

Put it this way there's two ways to trade more, you can use a strategy that trades often, or you can use a strategy that trades less, but more accurately. Which do you prefer?

Of course you would rather have the strategy that's more accurate. But how do you make more money and more pips with less trades?

You need to increase the trade frequency, but the only way to do this without destroying the accuracy is to trade more pairs.

Not every strategy is capable of trading almost any pair, but I'll show you in a few moments how you can trade up to 27 pairs with high accuracy.

By trading 27 pairs there will be plenty of trade opportunities.

Every trade you make should aim to accumulate many more pips...

Most traders trade on lower timeframes, such as M15, M30, H1, which is perfectly fine.

But if you want to pull many pips from the Forex market you are going to need to think bigger. Lower timeframes only help you see the short term, which means you are going to get less pips per trade.

You need to trade H4, and the DAILY. Don't worry if you're new to trading, it will all make sense soon.

When trading the higher timeframes you get a bigger picture of where the market is going and allows you to aim for much more profit per trade.

What Trading System Can Trade Over 27 Currency Pairs And Still Average Over 2,000 Pips Per Month?

There are not many publicly available Forex trading systems that can trade so many pairs and easily surpass thousands of pips a month.

Fortunately, I have created such a system, I personally use it, but more importantly, I'm making it available for you to use for yourself.

Giving you the opportunity to trade exactly the way I do with insane accuracy and accumulation of profit.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Swing Trader PRO...

Swing Trader PRO is a manual system that is easy to use, beginner friendly, and requires only a few minutes of your time to trade.

In a few moments, I'm going to tell you exactly how the strategy works, and show you examples of it in action. First, let's talk about a few important topics that will help you improve your life.

Are You A Beginner or Advanced Forex Trader...

Actually, it doesn't really matter. Swing Trader PRO is truly easy to trade, it's an advanced concept that is simple to operate and use.

It doesn't matter if you haven't traded Forex for more than a few days in your life or if you are an avid trading pro.

You can use Swing Trader PRO easily.

Here's a few example charts with trade opportunities:

PLEASE NOTE: The trading software provided has additional tools not shown in this image to assist you with entering trades. This includes an alarm to notify you of any trade opportunities with screen pointer to show you, a notification of what price to set your stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop, and lastly a few additional simple to use confirmation tools to verify the validity of the trade.

All 3 of those trades above together accumulated a whopping 1,820 pips in a matter of days!

That's at least $20,000 in profit!

It's really that simple.

- No fancy calculations needed
- No complicated charts to understand
- Everything you need is provided with easy to follow instructions

Now, look at how the trade opportunity was spotted, it looks like a trend line or maybe even a channel right?

It's actually more advanced than it looks, but simple to trade, almost like a trend line.

Instead of making this a black box, let's talk about how the strategy works so you can understand why this system is profitable and why it works on so many pairs.

Understanding The Strategy
Behind Swing Trader PRO

Swing Trader PRO is based on a statistics concept that tracks price action of trading in a linear model.

The concept used is called linear regression, according to Wikipedia linear regression is...


Don't worry if that sounds confusing, even to me that definition makes little sense. It's not really important you understand it, I'm just trying to be transparent with you and not hide anything.

Basically, this concept identifies a range in which the price action is bouncing and the direction this range is flowing.

It's almost like trend trading, but much more advanced, and very accurate.

Most Forex traders who know me, know I love to use filters and confirmations to verify that a trade is valid and to avoid false trade entries.

Well, it's no different with Swing Trader PRO.

I provide you with a few little tricks / tools to help you identify trades that should be avoided and trades that should be jumped into right away.

Also, don't forget, it really can be traded with only a few minutes of work a day!

What About Managing Trades After They Open?

Part of the reason Swing Trader PRO only takes a few minutes of work each day is because all you have to do is open up the platform, look at the charts, and find any trade opportunities.

This takes no more than a few minutes. Find the valid trades and enter. That's it. Easy.

But wait, there's one more final and important step. This is how you will automatically manage the trades while you're off happily enjoying your life knowing your making money.

The final step after opening your trade is to set your stop loss, take profit, and optionally your trailing stop. Don't worry this is quick and easy.

Once set this will allow the trading platform to manage your trades for you, worry free!

A strong risk vs reward ratio...

Often I hear concerns about the risk vs reward for trading systems. Some people worry about too high risk for every winning trade.

And some people demand low risk and higher reward.

Look, I understand where they are coming from, but it's not always a good model to expect low risk to high reward to work.

When risk is low and reward high, you tend to get many more losing trades. When risk is higher and reward lower, you get many more winning trades. There's no right answer or balance to risk vs reward, it really depends on the trader or system.

But the goal in the end is to make more money than you lose, and I'm sure you can agree with me on that, right?

Swing Trader PRO has a dynamic risk vs reward ratio, as it really will depend on the calculations of the linear regression, basically this means that it will depend on where certain levels are.

Here's an example of the risk vs reward on a Swing Trader PRO trade...

PLEASE NOTE: The trading software provided has additional tools not shown in this image to assist you with entering trades. This includes an alarm to notify you of any trade opportunities with screen pointer to show you, a notification of what price to set your stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop, and lastly a few additional simple to use confirmation tools to verify the validity of the trade.

Generally, with Swing Trader PRO the risk will be anywhere from half or equal to the reward. I'm sure you can agree that's reasonable to have a 1:1 or even .5:1, risk:reward ratio.

This is a healthy risk to reward ratio, especially if you are concerned about systems with much higher stop loss than take profit, which is not the case here.

In the end, it's really more important that you make a lot of pips and money with as little drawdown as possible.

I'm sure we can agree on that, right?

Swing Trader PRO includes a Full Package Of Tools That Enables You To Extract Massive Profits From The Forex Market

In a few moments, you will be able to gain full access to the Swing Trader PRO system so you can start making pips right away, but first let me tell you what's included...


Swing Trader PRO Software

Access to the full software for Swing Trader PRO that attaches to up to 27 currency pairs in the Meta Trader 4 platform ( the platform is provided free ). The software includes every tool and template needed to maximize your success with each currency pair and extract as much money and pips from the Forex markets as possible.

The software can be used on any DEMO or LIVE account and switched from account to account at any time.

Additionally, the system will alert you with a sound and box to tell you which pair has a trade opportunity forming, so you don't have to look through 27 charts constantly.

The system will also show you on the screen with an arrow where the trade opportunity is forming and tell you the possible entry point, stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop.

Lastly, there's a few simple confirmations to help you verify that the trade signal is valid and increases your win rate significantly.

Manual & Training Guide

The manual and training guide thoroughly cover everything from installation, to taking trades, and setting up management for the trades. It's easy to read and follow and fairly quick to learn.

FREE Updates

As I am constantly working to improve my systems, any updates of the Swing Trader PRO software will be passed along to you absolutely free.

FULL Customer Support

Questions do come up, and that's perfectly fine, I'm happy to help you. That is why I make my assistant and myself available almost every day to be there to help you.

This Is An Unbelievably Valuable Trading System...

You've seen the live trades and proof for Swing Trader PRO. I've shown you deep inside the strategy of how it works and manages trades.

You also can see the number of pairs traded is insane, giving you a bundle of trade opportunities. And you can see the huge number of pips and money that can be accumulated by Swing Trader PRO

PLEASE NOTE: The trading software provided has additional tools not shown in this image to assist you with entering trades. This includes an alarm to notify you of any trade opportunities with screen pointer to show you, a notification of what price to set your stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop, and lastly a few additional simple to use confirmation tools to verify the validity of the trade.

This trading system is an asset. Just like any piece of investment you would own, your house, real estate, stocks, etc.

When you pay for an asset usually it returns money to you, right? So of course this is no different with Swing Trader PRO.

When you invest in my system you can expect to get a return on your investment. And that makes it valuable.

Because of this, I can't give you my system for free, because of a few reasons:

  • It cost me a nice chunk of money creating this system and I want to use funds to reimburse myself, invest in further improvements, and create more systems.
  • I'm dedicating my time to help you and will be readily available if you need me. And I can't help unlimited number of people, it's just not possible, by putting a price on my system it reduces the number of people who will be using my system.

But good news.

Although it took me a few years to build, improve, trade, and invest funds into creating this system, you won't have to waste your time or enormous amounts of money to get access to my system.

Now, I can't give you access to my system for free, but I'm going to do something different that I don't usually do.

Join Now And Get Access
To Your 5 Day Trial!

Instead of giving you one risk free reason, I'm giving you two very strong reasons to try Swing Trader PRO today.

For only $7, less than the price of a movie ticket, try Swing Trader PRO for 5 days. Make as many trades as you like. Take it for a test drive and explore the charts for trade opportunities.

If you're not happy, no sweat, sometimes a system isn't right for you, if that's the case, you can discontinue using Swing Trader PRO and move onto something else.

Even if you decide to keep my system after the 5 day trial, you're still protected by my risk free guarantee, let's talk about that for a moment!


I've made this a no brainer for you. This is the easiest decision you'll ever have to make. Not only do you get my 5 day trial, you also have a 60 day money back guarantee if you choose to continue using Swing Trader PRO!

So don't wait, join today, and see how many pips you can accumulate in only a few months on up to 27 currency pairs using this simple statistics concept!

I'm Ready! Where Do I Sign Up?

Thank you for staying with me this far. You will be rewarded for it. Now, as you know I can't give away Swing Trader PRO for free.

It's just not possible or realistic, but I'm not going to make you break the bank to get a copy of Swing Trader PRO as I understand you need my system to help you grow your wealth.

And as you can see Swing Trader PRO really works. Plain and simple.

So here's the deal, sign up today for the $7 trial, if you're happy and want to continue using it you will be charged $497 one time.

Don't forget I guarantee you are happy with my system. If for any reason you change your mind within 60 days, I'll refund every penny.

Again, no risk on you!

Please don't wait to take action...

Normally, I don't release my systems at such a competitive price. Simply, my systems work and work well. I stand behind my products.

But I've found that there's always a group of people who cannot afford my systems. Unfortunately, I have to price my systems higher to prevent being flooded with many traders.

This time it's going to be different.

I want to give you a fair chance to get my system, but please understand this price won't last long. If you are an action taker and want to drastically grow your Forex account, then you should click the button below and get started today!

Without notice, I can and will raise the price once I reach a certain number of users. So please don't hesitate, this offer is risk free.

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Do You Want To Have More Control Over Your Forex Trading Results?

Are you ready to try something different? Do you want to trade more pairs, at least 27 pairs?

Does over 19,000 pips in almost 6 months sound impossible to you?

I'll tell you right now it's very possible and you can use the exact software I used to achieve those kind of results.

And there's no need to take my word for it, I'm making this as risk free as possible for you. Join for a 5 day trial and if you continue to use Swing Trader PRO you're still protected by my iron clad money back guarantee!

So don't wait let's do this and get your Forex account growing today...

See you on the inside,
Doug Price

P.S. Try Swing Trader PRO risk free today with a 5 day trial just click the button further up this page!

P.P.S. Swing Trader PRO is one of a kind, able to trade on 27 currency pairs and accumulate thousands of pips in the process.

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